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Classic Italian heirloom zucchini with superior flavor and texture…

55 days. Open Pollinated. Italian Heirloom. A very productive bush type zucchini with more flavor than most. The fruits are long and cylindrical, and are dark green with pale green ribbing – just beautiful! They are excellent when small for sauteing, grilling, steaming, etc, and also perfect for stuffing when larger. They develop seeds slower than most zucchinis, so they remain usable longer. Cocozelles also have a long shelf life. The only negative is that they are not particularly disease or bug resistant, so if you struggle with either one we recommend trying Zucchini Rampicante instead. However, they produce much longer for us than regular zucchinis, and are very productive.

Within 24 hours of receiving your order, we will e-mail you with a shipping date that we choose based on your last frost date. You are welcome to change the date to any other shipping week. Just respond to the e-mail and tell us when you want your plants. Our first shipping date is late March, weather permitting. We will not have plants available before then.

Our plants are sustainably raised in our own potting mix. We use only organic fertilizers and sprays if needed. We have been growing and selling plants since 1997.

Our plants are shipped in individual 3″ deep pots, and are ready to be planted out in your garden.

We package our plants with extreme care so they arrive undamaged at your doorstep. Each plant is tucked into its own padded sleeve. The soil in each pot is covered so it will not spill out. A plant tag identifying the variety is included with each plant.

We ship every Monday and Tuesday, from late March through May, according to your location or your request. We currently ship to every state except Hawaii and Alaska.