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90 – 100 days. Open Pollinated, mostly stable cross. Beauty and the Beast… Watch out – this gorgeous pepper bites! A cross between a Ghost pepper and a Scorpion pepper, bred by Jay Weaver in Pennsylvania. It grows into various shapes, with some having tails like a Trinidad Scorpion, with various bumps and contortions and blistered skin, like you would expect in a pepper with as much heat as this one (900,000 to 1,100,000 scoville units). The heat is tempered slightly (very slightly!) with a fruity flavor. Like all the super hots, needs a long, hot season to produce well. Plants start small but eventually explode into a big, productive bush.

We ship every Monday and Tuesday, from late March through late May, to the 48 contiguous states. We schedule your shipment to arrive just after the last frost date for your area. We will send an email from our farm ( within 24 hours of receiving your order informing you of your shipping date. You are welcome to change the shipping date. Just let us know when you want them.

Our plants are sustainably raised. We use only organic soil, fertilizers and sprays if needed. We have been growing and selling plants since 1997.

Our plants are shipped in individual 3″ deep pots. They are ready to be planted out in your garden.

We package our plants with extreme care so they arrive undamaged at your doorstep. Each plant is tucked into its own padded sleeve. The soil in each pot is covered so it will not spill out. A plant tag identifying the variety is included with each plant.