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Tender annual, but can be a perennial in Zone 10. Edible landscaping at its finest, African Basil makes a stunning plant, with a bushier form (3′ x 3′) than most basils, green leaves veined with purple, and abundant purple blossoms that smell amazing, attract bees, and are edible. The flower stalks are used in flower arrangements, too, and have a long vase life. A cross between a camphor basil and dark opal basil, African blue has more of a camphor scent than Italian basils do. A sterile cross, African Blue will not produce seeds. So, you can let it bloom prolifically and not sacrifice leaf production. Blossoms can be added to salads or floated on the top of drinks. Try the leaves in vinaigrettes and pestos. Has therapeutic benefits, especially as an anti-inflammatory.

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Our plants are sustainably raised. We use only organic soil, fertilizers and sprays if needed. We have been growing and selling plants since 1997.

Our plants are shipped in individual 3″ deep pots. They are ready to be planted out in your garden.

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