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About Our Tomato Selections

So, what’s with all the crazy new tomato varieties?  Well, I guess we are drawn to the new and different. However, we also appreciate the better known, reliable standards. We try to have a mix available for you so that you have plenty of choices.

What’s happening in the heirloom tomato industry is this:

Most of the heirlooms have been discovered already, so there are only a few new ones coming on the scene every year. This does not keep those of us that like to try new things happy. At the same time, there are several talented tomato breeders using heirlooms to breed new varieties. We are now carrying quite a few of these new varieties with old genetics because they have some superior qualities, including amazing appearance, fantastic flavor, vigor, productivity, etc. These are not hybrids. Rather, they are a stabilized, open pollinated, cross of heirloom tomato varieties. They will grow true to type from properly saved seed.

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