The Lazy Ox Farms Crew
We are all gardeners, and love what we do!

We are a small family farm located on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado. We have been growing and selling sustainably raised plants and veggies for more than 22 years, first in northern Idaho, then for 10 years in southern Missouri. We have been on the beautiful West slope of Colorado since 2019. Besides raising plants for you, we grow most of our own food in our very large garden. We grow in our greenhouses and out in our garden, and have personally tested every variety that we offer.

We love what we do, and want you to enjoy and have success with our plants, too.

Lazy Ox Farm's greenhouse variety testing and seed saving
Greenhouse variety testing and seed saving.
Lazy Ox Farm's Colorado garden
Our Colorado garden in early spring.
Lazy Ox Farm's Missouri garden
This was one of our Missouri gardens.

With the increasing costs and questionable quality of grocery store food, more and more folks are starting to grow their own. We applaud this trend and want folks to have success with their gardening efforts. We also believe that gardening should be fun. So, we offer a variety of hardy, tasty, and attractive veggie and herb plants for you to enjoy.

Although we are not certified organic, (we dropped our certification in 2005 when the Federal government took over the program as we are slightly allergic to bureau-ocracies.), we do grow using only organic methods because we believe in it. On our farm we use mostly on-farm soil amendments (composted manure from our animal friends), cover crops, and occasionally purchased alfalfa hay pellets to keep our soil fertile.

We do many things by hand the old fashioned, labor intensive way our forefathers did. It keeps us and the planet healthier.

Thank you,

Margie Paskert